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Everything you need to keep track of your projects. Ensure that your crews are completing a daily safety checklist that keeps management informed every step of the way. Comprehensive reporting allows you to track labor, materials, equipment, project status, safety incidents, and more. Supervisors can complete their reports from any mobile device or computer. Review daily and aggregate reports and receive alerts and notifications as they happen to ensure that you always ahead of any situation. No matter the location or job, MCR is always at your fingertips.

1Daily Safety Reporting - Ensure that your employees are fulfilling all safety requirements on a daily basis

2Initial Site Survey - Compiling safety requirements upfront can help ensure a safe worksite

3Track Equipment - Keep track of the location and usage of your equipment

4Materials Usage - Track estimated, received, needed, and used materials on every project

5Employee Labor - Track labor for every crew member including time, drive and ride mileage, duty, and daily notes

6Real Time Incident Alerts - Be alerted whenever a safety or equipment incident occurs in the field

7Administrative Dashboard - View projects statuses at a glance or dig into the details

8Smart Notifications - Smart Email Notifications ensure that key personnel only receive info that is relevant to them

Safety Checklist


Project Overview


Comprehensive Reports


Incident Reporting


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